Maria Lightner

Maria  graduated from Eureka College with a B.A. In Speech Communication/Theatre Arts and is a stay at home mom who is passionate about giving back to her community.  When she isn't busy spending time with her family or chauffeuring her two children to different activities, she is active in one of her many roles in community organizations.  She serves as Secretary for the Argenta-Oreana School Board, coordinator for the Oreana SHARE program, coordinator for the Village Of Oreana Summer Park Program, Girl Scout Leader, school volunteer and drama director for the Oreana Christian Church.  

Her love of theatre began in elementary school when she was cast in a classroom play of Rumpelstiltskin.  From then on she found herself in various junior high and high school productions which fueled her desire to pursue a degree in the Arts.  She has performed in numerous stage productions and has professionally directed two children's productions.  Since 1999, Maria has been assisting Mike with children's productions and just recently decided to become partner in Mid-Summer Moon Productions.